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22 Makes use of of Coconut Oil by Canine Mothers

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I can not keep in mind after I first discovered about the advantages of coconut oil for canine. Most likely one of many many articles selling coconut oil that was revealed by Canine Naturally Journal. Yep, I used to be such a sheeple again then and adopted every part DNM, Dr. Becker, and Rodney Habib mentioned. Not that they are unsuitable – I by no means did my analysis, nor did I ask myself if one thing I used to be doing was proper for my canine. And that is how I ended up treating coconut oil prefer it was an Omega 3 fatty acid. I examine the advantages, assumed that because it’s an oil, it should fall in the identical camp as fish oil, and went from there.


My eyes have been opened by a militant uncooked feeding group that instructed me that coconut oil was a fad – similar to feeding greens or inexperienced tripe to canine. In that group, I discovered that coconut oil is nothing like fish oil, one thing I may have discovered myself if I had bothered to do the homework. They usually almost satisfied me to kick the coconut oil to the curb, after which I sat in a session with the women of CocoTherapy on the Uncooked and Pure Canine Summit 2018, and I have been a fan of coconut oil since. A lot of a fan that I’ve many makes use of for coconut oil.

Thank heavens I stocked up.

22 Makes use of of Coconut Oil by Canine Mothers

Advantages of Coconut Oil

So, why add coconut oil to our canine’ food plan? Listed here are 13 advantages you may’t ignore.

  1. Coconut oil is wealthy in antioxidants.
  2. Coconut oil improves nutrient absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins.
  3. Coconut oil prevents the unfold of most cancers cells and enhances the immune system.
  4. Coconut oil regulates the immune system.
  5. Coconut oil repels mosquitoes and fleas when massaged into our canine’ coats.
  6. Coconut oil soothes and heals cuts, wounds, scorching spots, bites, and stings.
  7. Coconut oil is antimicrobial and kills yeast and clears ear infections.
  8. Coconut oil is a pure anti-inflammatory and helps with arthritis.
  9. Coconut oil prevents hairballs as a result of it’s wealthy in fiber; and due to the fiber, coconut oil is also nice for pets with anal gland points and helps to maintain pets common.
  10. Coconut oil freshens breath and makes an efficient toothpaste, killing micro organism alongside the gumline.
  11. Coconut oil is a thermogenic oil that stimulates the metabolism, serving to a canine drop pounds.
  12. Coconut oil is nice for the mind and nervous system; the liver converts MCTs into Ketones and is the best meals for the mind, stopping cognitive decline in getting older pets.
  13. Coconut oil is nice for canine with allergy symptoms. Allergic reactions are attributable to an overactive immune system, and you may regulate the system by including lauric acid to a canine’s food plan.

Study extra about coconut oil in my weblog publish Cease Feeding Your Canine Coconut Oil?.

Begin with a High quality Coconut Oil

Earlier than I share my secrets and techniques, I wish to remind you that the standard of the coconut oil we buy is necessary.

There isn’t any such factor as extra-virgin coconut oil. That “further” is a advertising ploy to get us to open our wallets sooner. I search for coconut oil offered in a glass jar (to keep away from contamination from long-term storage in plastic), constantly comes from one supply (so I do know what I am getting), and comes from an organization that is aware of what they’re doing and is devoted to offering a top quality product.

I solely purchase coconut oil from CocoTherapy.

Nope, this is not a sponsored publish or an try to gather cash by means of affiliate hyperlinks. I am sharing this as a result of I actually love and respect this firm, and I take advantage of their merchandise every day.

1 – Add Coconut Oil to Your First Help Equipment

Whether or not it is for one of many canine or me, coconut oil is a good addition to the primary assist package. I’ve minimize myself with certainly one of my sharp knives doing meal prep. My canine have skilled cuts, scrapes, and cracked paws, and coconut oil is a superb salve that promotes quick therapeutic. I at all times attain for coconut oil first for minor cuts as a result of coconut oil is a pure antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.

2 – Use Coconut Oil to Clear Up Yeasty Ears and Pores and skin

Coconut oil completely improved my canine’s ear well being in lower than every week.

Sydney used to have a problem with yeast. It was on her pores and skin (her tummy and armpit areas), round her privates, and her ears. After switching to uncooked, I discovered that antibiotics weren’t the most effective resolution, and after doing a little analysis, I found an answer – coconut oil.

I used a delicate fabric to wipe her pores and skin and misted her ears with a 50/50 combination of apple cider vinegar and water. I used a clear fabric to wash her pores and skin and ears gently. Then, I massaged a small quantity of coconut oil on her pores and skin and put somewhat in her ears. I did this 4 or 5 days in a row (much less wasn’t sufficient), and he or she’s by no means had points once more.

3 – Use Coconut Oil as a Coat Conditioner

As a substitute of spending cash on coat conditioners, I therapeutic massage coconut oil into my canine’ coats every week.

Based on PetMD, coconut oil provides “moisture to your canine’s pores and skin and stop[s] flaking.” Sydney had dry pores and skin and flaking after I brush her; massaging coconut oil into her coat made an enormous distinction. When making use of coconut oil to my canine’ coats, I rub a small quantity of coconut oil into my fingers till all of it melts into shiny goodness after which run my fingers by means of their coat and alongside their pores and skin. It would not take a lot. Additionally, a canine’s fur acts like a candle wick; coconut oil strikes down the hair shaft to the pores and skin as they transfer.

4 – Use Coconut Oil Between Baths to Freshen a Canine’s Coat

Bathing 4 canine month-to-month (and even each different month) is daunting. Particularly if they do not want it. So, as a substitute of lining everybody up for a shower, I take advantage of coconut oil between baths to freshen their coat. As said above, coconut oil is a pure antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. The micro organism that trigger our canine’ coats to odor are lowered once we therapeutic massage coconut oil into their fur and pores and skin.

At the moment, I solely bathe my canine after they want it, often after somebody rolls on a useless snake.

Some surprise, “can I go away coconut oil on my canine’s coat?” Or “do I’ve to rinse coconut oil off my canine?” You possibly can go away coconut oil in your canine as a result of it solely takes a small quantity to freshen a canine’s coat. Though the greasiness of coconut oil fades rapidly, I nonetheless don’t need my canine’ fur weighed down with coconut oil, so I add 1 / 4 dimension to my palm to therapeutic massage into my canine’ coats. This quantity can cowl a complete canine – head, physique, legs, all. You should use much less when you’ve got canine smaller than mine (which weigh between 60 and 75 lbs). And, when you use an excessive amount of, in fact, you may wash it off. Simply use a small quantity of shampoo to assist.

5 – Coconut Oil is One of many Major Elements in Golden Paste

I began making golden paste for my canine when Sydney was therapeutic from a partial cruciate tear and commenced displaying indicators of arthritis. Coconut oil is without doubt one of the most important substances, together with turmeric powder, contemporary floor pepper, and Ceylon cinnamon. I noticed a distinction rapidly and now add it to all of our canine’ meals. Golden paste has been discovered to cut back irritation, and it is a robust antioxidant for animals, in accordance with Mary Mosquera Cochran, RD of Ohio State College.

6 – Coconut Oil Acts as a Supply System for Drugs

Once I gave my canine medication, I used peanut butter as a supply system. I solely purchase pure peanut butter to keep away from substances like xylitol (a sweetener that may be lethal to canine) and mildew (it is so necessary to purchase high quality manufacturers). However pure peanut butter is extra oily and makes a large number when used as a supply system. So, I now use coconut oil.

7 – Coconut Oil is a Yummy Deal with

And, when one canine will get coconut oil, all of the canine need coconut oil. So I now give it to my canine as a every day deal with. It is nice for them; scroll again as much as see the checklist of 13 advantages when you do not imagine me. One of the best half is that I can get my pack to do one thing I would like with one spoonful of coconut oil – they’re going to observe me wherever, together with out to their yard when I’ve to wash the home.

8 – Coconut Oil is Nice for Senior Canine

A 2010 research confirmed that including coconut oil to a canine’s food plan improved cognitive capabilities as a result of the medium-chain fatty acids present “the mind with vitality within the type of ketones.” We’ve got senior canine in the home now, and they’re doing properly; I do know that including coconut oil to their food plan will assist them keep cognitive capabilities for years to come back.

CocoTherapy additionally has an MCT oil, and I add a spoonful to my geriatric canine’s meals a number of days every week.

9 – Use Coconut Oil to Soothe Digestive Programs

We’ve got a canine with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), and all of our canine take care of some digestive points on occasion (try #14) and when this occurs, I attain for coconut oil. Coconut oil clears up constipation in my canine in a day.

Rodrigo was identified with EPI in 2019; in his case, his pancreas now not produces digestive enzymes. I add a complement to his meals every day to assist him digest his meals. The great thing about coconut oil is that the medium-chain fatty acids additionally assist his physique digest meals and take in vitamins. It soothes his intestine and clears up extra dangerous micro organism with out negatively impacting the microbiome. And coconut oil reduces irritation, stopping the digestive flare-ups he used to expertise often. Regardless of his prognosis, he has been very wholesome.

10 – Defend Paws from Sizzling Solar, Freezing Snow, and Allergic reactions

We’ve got delicate summers and winters in comparison with different elements of the nation, however some years we get snow, and summer time temps can attain 100 levels F. To guard our canine, we restrict their publicity. Within the winter, they play within the snow in 15-20 minutes increments. And on scorching summer time days, I stroll our canine at nightfall or daybreak to keep away from scorching pavement. Throughout these temperature highs and lows, I’ve discovered that the behavior of massaging the canine’ paws with coconut oil retains them wholesome and delicate.

Rodrigo has environmental allergy symptoms, and his paws irritate him on the change in seasons leading to numerous licking. Altering his food plan to contemporary meals helped increase his immune system. Nonetheless, it wasn’t an entire resolution. Feeding and making use of coconut oil to my canine’s paws was the reply. Feeding him coconut oil ALSO boosts his immune system, and massaging his paws earlier than bedtime with coconut oil has helped relieve the irritation and scale back the fixed licking.

And, we’ve a canine with dry elbows – coconut oil retains the uncovered pores and skin wholesome and delicate.

12 – Coconut Oil Might Kill Fleas

Can we use coconut oil for flea management? Seems that the lauric acid in coconut oil kills fleas and ticks. So my behavior of utilizing coconut oil to freshen their coat and as a coat conditioner additionally reduces my want to make use of flea repellent merchandise, saving me cash. We have by no means had a problem with fleas. Perhaps a chunk right here or there annually, however nothing extra.

Coconut oil coats the exoskeleton of biting bugs, smothering them. Voila! Pure flea management.

13 – Coconut Oil is a Pure Toothpaste for Canine

Coconut oil is nice for a canine’s enamel and gums. I began utilizing coconut oil as a toothpaste as a result of I used to be instructed to therapeutic massage my canine’ gums (I take advantage of a finger brush), and my canine did not like this chore. So I started placing coconut oil on the finger brush, and so they have been pleased to let me therapeutic massage their gums. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil additionally kill micro organism that type alongside the gumline, bettering dental well being, and freshening their breath. Bonus!!!

14 – Knock Out Room Clearing Fuel

So, I touched on the advantages for the digestive system above, however I needed to return earlier than publishing so as to add that it helped clear up my canine’ gasoline. Generally after I feed inexperienced tripe and uncooked meaty bones as a meal, my canine may have gasoline all evening. A spoonful, or two, of coconut oil will assist calm the intestine and reduce the gasoline.

There’s nonetheless a toot right here and there – silent however lethal, however the smells that had Johan and me strolling round with twisted facial expressions have been gone, due to coconut oil.

So, that is my checklist for the canine. Coconut oil has many advantages for people too.

Advantages of Coconut Oil for People

15 – Mix Coconut Oil with Important Oils to Make Magnificence Merchandise

I am an important oil junkie and love making merchandise for myself with important oils. When making a curler, I use fractionated coconut oil with a mix of oils. When making merchandise, like moisturizers, I take advantage of coconut oil by CocoTherapy. There are millions of recipes on-line, however I follow websites I belief – Plant Remedy and Merely Earth.

16 – Use Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

It is loopy to assume we are able to use coconut oil as a moisturizer with out breaking out, however it’s true. I take advantage of it every day, morning and night, on clear pores and skin. First, I clear my pores and skin. Second, I spritz my face with Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater by Mario Badescu. And third, I therapeutic massage a tiny quantity of coconut oil (somewhat goes a good distance) on my face. Once I’m completed, my face seems a bit greasy, however that goes away very quickly. My pores and skin feels so delicate, I have not gotten a pimple since I began this routine, and everybody says I look 15 years youthful than I’m.

17 – Use Coconut Oil as a Make-up Remover

I’ve an incredible liquid eyeliner that I like, and it is a bitch to take away. By the point I get it off with make-up remover or cleaning soap, the pores and skin round my eyes is uncooked, and my eyes are pink. You’d assume I would cease utilizing the eyeliner, however nope, I switched to utilizing coconut oil as a make-up remover as a substitute. It takes no time to take away all of my make-up; a small quantity goes a good distance. I then wash my face as regular and observe the abovementioned steps.

18 – Use Coconut Oil on My Pure, Curly Hair

I made a decision to kick the creamy crack (relaxers to completely straighten hair for people not within the know) a number of years in the past. I wore protecting types (weaves, braids) for a very long time and switched to rocking my pure curls when my hair guru moved to Michigan. I watched countless movies on caring for pure black hair, tried numerous merchandise, and eventually settled on a routine that offers my curls form, definition, and bounce.

After washing my hair, I apply a deep situation and spritz in apple cider vinegar (yep, with the deep conditioner). After 15-Half-hour, I rinse and do the next…

This method retains my curls in place for days, would not dry out or trigger flakes, and my hair is wholesome and rising.

19 – Use Coconut Oil to Therapeutic massage My Ft

On the finish of a protracted day doing yard work, home tasks, meal prep, and taking part in with canine – I simply wish to sit again and loosen up. My toes are often killing me. An extended bathe relaxes my stiff muscular tissues, and after I’m completed, I seize a small quantity of coconut oil and therapeutic massage it into my toes it does an awesome job of softening the pores and skin and protecting them wanting good between pedicures.

20 – Use Coconut Oil to Relieve Dry, Itchy Pores and skin

I do not typically have dry, itchy pores and skin as a result of I am a lover of physique butters and lotions by Plant Remedy. However as I’ve gotten older, there are occasions when my pores and skin is so dry and itchy that I really feel like I am going insane. Coconut oil does an awesome job of assuaging itchy, dry pores and skin. It really works for my canine; why not me? I deal with the realm with coconut oil and observe up with physique cream all over the place after the bathe. No extra itch.

21 – Coconut Oil and Charcoal Helps Transition to Pure Deodorant

Years in the past, I switched to pure deodorant. At first, it did not appear to work. It seems that our armpits need to detox for every week earlier than a pure deodorant works. One of many methods to detox armpits is to use a mix of coconut oil and charcoal. You may make your personal or purchase one on-line or at a magnificence retailer. I like a product by Pacifica, which I proceed to make use of within the bathe. This enables me to go a few days with out deodorant at occasions.

22 – Coconut Oil Wakes Up My Mind within the Morning

I am not a morning particular person. To get my mind going, I attain for coconut oil so I do not spend an hour sitting on the couch and staring blankly on the TV, ready for the mind fog to raise.

Including a small spoonful of coconut or MCT oil to my morning Earl Grey tea does the trick each time. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil make me really feel extra energized within the morning, curb my urge for food (so I eat more healthy since I haven’t got that “I am Ravenous” feeling), and boosts my metabolism. After lunch, I might need a second cup of tea with coconut oil within the afternoon to keep away from that dragging feeling.

However Will not Coconut Oil Make My Canine Fats?

Yeah, feeding coconut oil can result in weight achieve in canine. I regulate their food plan to account for the extra energy. I can not inform you how to do this; it is totally different for each canine and entails somewhat trial and error. Once I add coconut oil to my canine’ meals, I scale back the quantity of different meals within the bowl by a few ounces. If I discover that certainly one of my canine continues to be gaining weight, I regulate the food plan or enhance train.

For many of my canine, train is necessary in protecting the burden manageable. Nonetheless, when you’ve got a canine that has mobility points, concentrate on food plan and light-weight train at your canine’s tempo.

The place to Purchase Coconut Oil for Canine (and Your self)

I purchase coconut oil from CocoTherapy. I am subscribed to their e-newsletter, the place I get nice details about coconut oil through e mail and a heads up of specials. You’ll find CocoTherapy merchandise on Amazon, however resellers checklist these. I favor to purchase immediately from the corporate.

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