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Child Sienna — Fortified Household

Cantaloupe be a tough fruit to make protected…however right here’s how I did it for Child Sienna:

You could have to place the pre-loaded tiny spoon in your child’s hand for the primary few days, however Sienna bought the cling of it fairly fast and she or he instinctively knew to carry the spoon to her mouth!

One factor we realized right now was that Child Sienna has a really delicate gag reflex. (She nonetheless gags on her pacifier at 6 months + 1 week mother says!)

…mother is a nurse and did BLW with their older baby, so she knew to remain calm and didn’t intervene. It feels bizarre to look at, however gagging is definitely factor in the case of beginning stable meals and infants who’re 6 months + displaying the opposite dependable indicators of readiness to eat CAN recuperate from a gag on their very own (and so they don’t want your assist!)

We’re utilizing the ezpz Tiny Spoons with Sienna, and they’re nice for infants who tend to gag.

The Tiny Spoon has sensory bumps on it that teaches the child to not push the spoon to this point into her mouth.



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