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5 rising markets for cat meals; China, Brazil, Mexico prime

Cats have been the most populous pets in Europe for years. In 2022, Europe was house to 127 million cats residing in 26% of households. The recognition of cats appears to be rising globally. Europe’s extremely urbanized human populations might discover cats might extra handy since cats usually want much less area and upkeep than canine in basic. As urbanization turns into the norm worldwide, lots of the identical elements encouraging cat possession in Europe might gas the recognition of felines in different areas. A report by Markets and Markets recognized 5 rising markets for cat meals.

5 nations with rising cat meals markets

China – China leads the cat meals industries amongst these 5 nations. China’s cat care market income reached US$5.80 billion in 2022, in keeping with Markets and Markets analysts. They forecast that China’s cat care trade will attain US$13.39 billion in 2027, adopted by Brazil and Mexico with anticipated values of $1,107.3 and $680.5 million, respectively.

Brazil – Brazil had the second largest cat care market in 2022 at US$884.4 million. That worth was forecast to extend to US$1,107.3 million in 2022.

Mexico – Mexico’s cat care market ranked third with a worth of US$545.7 million, probably rising to US$680.5 million by 2027.

South Africa – As pet possession turns into more and more prevalent in South Africa, significantly in city areas, there is a rising demand for high-quality cat meals merchandise and equipment. With rising disposable incomes and a rising center class, customers are spending extra on cat meals, treats and different merchandise.

India – With a burgeoning center class and growing urbanization, cat possession in India is rising.

These 5 nations added US$7.43 billion to the cat care trade worldwide in 2022, in keeping with Markets and Markets analysts. Collectively, Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Mexico had a compound annual progress charge (CAGR) of 20.7% between 2007 and 2011. The analysts forecast these markets to succeed in a mixed worth of US$15.42 billion in 2027, with a CAGR of 15.7% from 2022-27.

Rising kitten inhabitants in america

Whereas canine stay probably the most prevalent pet in america, cat numbers are growing. The inhabitants of kittens is especially informative, pet market analysis director at Packaged Details David Sprinkle wrote in his Petfood Trade column.

Trended MRI-Simmons knowledge present the variety of U.S. households with a pet underneath one 12 months outdated falling from 5.6 million in 2014 to 4.4 million as of 2023. In distinction, the variety of households with a kitten rose from 3.1 million to three.9 million over this era. On account of these converse developments, the ratio of kitten households to pet households catapulted from 54% to 89% over the past 10 years (see Desk 1). From one other knowledge perspective, 12% of present cat dad and mom have a kitten, whereas underneath 9% of canine dad and mom have a pet.

Hungary, France, Austria had most pet cats per capita 2022

The rankings of pet cat populations in Europe don’t replicate the prevalence of pet possession. Extra populous nations inherently will are likely to have extra pets, however they could not have probably the most pets per capita. Nonetheless, ordering European nations by per capita pet possession causes completely different patterns to emerge.

Final 12 months, Russia had the best pet cat inhabitants in Europe, in keeping with the European Pet Meals Trade Federation (FEDIAF) report “Details & Figures 2022.” But, the huge nation doesn’t rank in the highest 10 of cat possession per capita. As an alternative, Hungary rose to the highest.

To find out per capita cat possession, I divided FEDIAF pet possession knowledge by the human inhabitants in 2022, in keeping with Worldometer statistics utilizing United Nations knowledge.

  1. HUNGARY: 0.24 cats per individual
  2. FRANCE : 0.23 cats per individual
  3. AUSTRIA: 0.23 cats per individual
  4. LATVIA: 0.22 cats per individual
  5. LITHUANIA: 0.22 cats per individual
  6. ROMANIA: 0.22 cats per individual
  7. ESTONIA: 0.22 cats per individual
  8. BELGUIM: 0.22 cats per individual
  9. SLOVENIA: 0.21 cats per individual
  10. UKRAINE: 0.21 cats per individual


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