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Postbiotics affected canines and cats in a different way in research

Two scientific research introduced at Petfood Discussion board 2024 explored how canines and cats react in a different way to the identical postbiotic additions to their meals. As cats have grown in reputation worldwide, the significance of differentiating their dietary wants from canines’ has likewise elevated. In the end, cats aren’t small canines, Mark Franklin Ph.D., international components technical lead with Cargill, mentioned throughout his presentation on the occasion in Kansas Metropolis, Missouri. But, even educated scientists could also be tempted to extrapolate information from one species to one other.

“We have to conduct species-specific analysis because of the variations and risks of extrapolation,” he mentioned.  “We’ve all been responsible within the trade of considering that small grownup canines could possibly be in comparison with cats… Generally it really works, however typically it doesn’t.”

The primary examine checked out a postbiotic, Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product (SCFP), on intestine well being outcomes in wholesome grownup cats. Postbiotics are the waste left behind after digestion by microbes. Nonetheless, that waste advantages the well being of different species. Fermented human meals like kefir and kimchi present postbiotics.

The experiment included 63 wholesome grownup cats over a 42-day check interval with a 21-day acclimation interval. The researchers examined three ranges of postbiotics: 0 (management), 150, and 300 mg per kg physique weight inclusion stage. All cats have been on the identical weight loss program: a premium, chicken-based cat meals with 30% crude protein and 16% crude fats 

The outcomes of their examine revealed similarities and variations amongst cats’ and canines’ responses to the postbiotic in earlier analysis.


• Palatability

• White blood cell response

• Microbiome shifts


• Inclusion quantities: 150 mg/kg BW versus 100

mg/kg BW

• Immune parameters: IgA

• Microbiome make-up

• Fecal butyrate restoration

• Distinction in GI transit occasions

“From this, we see the need of species-specific analysis to keep away from extrapolation errors,” he mentioned.

Postbiotic analysis on cat dermatitis

Postbiotics have an effect on the digestive methods of canines and cats in a different way. Postbiotics additionally trigger completely different responses on the animals’ outsides. In her portion of the Petfood Discussion board presentation, Holly H. Ganz Ph.D., chief science officer for AnimalBiome mentioned a examine that examined completely different doses of postbiotics and placebo controls to find out optimum dosages.

 “We discovered that cats responded higher to the 2x dosage for lowering indicators of atopic dermatitis,” she mentioned. “Canines confirmed a powerful placebo impact, suggesting future research could profit from veterinary assessments and focused time intervals for evaluation.”

 In conclusion, there are stronger advantages for cats relating to atopic dermatitis, emphasizing the necessity for species-specific analysis, she mentioned. Future steps embrace conducting research with ultimate product formulations and impartial verification.



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