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Spicy Murukku (Kara Murukku) Recipe

Boost your snack recreation with Spicy Murukku (Kara Murukku), a crunchy South Indian delight that packs a flavorful punch. Made with a mix of flours, spices, and a touch of butter, it is a deal with you will not resist.

Spicy Murukku Kara Murukku

Spicy Murukku, also called Kara Murukku, is a basic South Indian snack synonymous with daring flavours and irresistible crunch. This recipe combines rice flour, gram flour, roasted gram flour, and a compelling mixture of spices, making it a spicy deal with excellent for snacking. Kara Murukku will get its title from the Tamil phrase “kara,” which suggests spicy, and it lives as much as its fame with its fiery style.

Spicy Murukku Kara Murukku

Spicy Murukku Kara Murukku

Spicy Murukku Kara Murukku


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