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The simplest 8-minute small batch apricot jam recipe

When apricots are in season within the early summer season, I like to make my favorite eight-minute small-batch apricot jam. The fruit and sugar cook dinner quickly to take advantage of scrumptious jam that’s all in regards to the fruit and fewer in regards to the sugar. That is the best jam recipe I do know.

A bowl of fresh apricots for a quick and easy apricot jam recipe

At the moment I have fun my weblog turning 14 years previous. This fast apricot jam was the primary recipe I ever posted on this web site, and it’s extremely nostalgic. 

It was impressed by my paternal grandmother Betty and a fond childhood meals reminiscence I had of consuming her selfmade apricot jam.

Discovering an entire piece of apricot within the jam, and spreading it over my toast was thrilling to me as a baby, and though his recipe is just not my grandmother’s, I try to recreate that have.

Easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam in a jar

I’ve been making small-batch fruit jams utilizing this methodology ever since. You’ll be able to see the perfect 8-minute strawberry jam, or my fast strawberry jam with Pimms, ginger & balsamic, and my 10-minute peach jam with pink muscadel.

In my authentic recipe, I used 600 grams of apricots however after having made 3 batches this week, I now favor the ratio of 700 grams. As soon as the pips are eliminated the load will drop anyway.

This jam is all in regards to the flavour of the fruit and fewer in regards to the sugar. In the event you favor a sweeter jam, you can improve the sugar by 2 – 3 tablespoons.

I’ve determined to maintain that first submit intact as a reminder of how it began and the way far I’ve come. The date can also be important because it was the beginning of this weblog.

A recipe for an easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam in a pan

make small batch apricot jam

Be certain your apricots are very ripe. They’ll even be barely overripe, however they shouldn’t be onerous in anyplace.

Begin by placing the halved apricots, sugar and lemon juice or liqueur into a really wide-rimmed pan. You’ll be able to even use an electrical frying pan as this has a much bigger floor space. This recipe won’t work when you use a small pot or pan.

Apricots in a wide pan for an easy 8 minute apricot jam recipe

The broad floor space of the pan positioned over excessive warmth permits the short evapouration of the liquid and will get the apricot jam to its set level extra rapidly. Don’t double this recipe both. Somewhat make extra small batches.

Set the warmth to excessive and stir the components to launch the liquid because the liquid begins to bubble set a timer for 8 minutes.

Stir repeatedly as you cook dinner the jam for 7 – 8 minutes. Utilizing a wood spoon break up the fruit because it cooks. Ultimately, you’ll nonetheless have some chunks of fruit within the jam.

To be exact, the jam is ready when it reaches 105C/ 221 F on a sugar thermometer. At this level take it off the warmth and permit it to chill a bit of earlier than scooping it into your jar.

The easiest 8-minute small batch apricot jam in a jar

10 methods to take pleasure in apricot jam

  1. Apart from apricot jam being so scrumptious on toast, I prefer it with cream cheese or ricotta cheese on toast to provide it a cheesecake-toast vibe. I additionally adore apricot jam on toast with Cheddar cheese or a cheese scone.
  2. I like to make use of a skinny layer underneath the center layer of chocolate buttercream frosting in a chocolate cake. It provides a scrumptious tart edge.
  3. Add apricot jam to shortbread squares and change the whisky marmalade in this scrumptious recipe.
  4. I’m tempted to make use of it as an alternative. of strawberry jam in a Victorian sponge cake.
  5. Apricot jam is scrumptious with Dijon mustard as a glaze for gammon.
  6. Fold it by way of Greek yoghurt to serve in a bowl or on fluffy ricotta pancakes.
  7. Unfold onto crepe pancakes with vanilla ice cream,
  8. Swirled by way of selfmade vanilla bean ice cream.
  9. Dollop it on high of bruschetta or crostini with whipped goat cheese.
  10. Unfold on French toast with recent apricots and cream cheese,
easy 8 minute small batch apricot jam on toast

This recipe makes 1 x normal 500ml jar (16 oz normal pint jar).

This jam is fast jam and can final within the fridge for a number of months. To protect the jam for the shelf, observe these canning directions.

Prep Time:5 minutes

Cook dinner Time:8 minutes

  • 700 grams ripe apricots pips eliminated and halved
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice or orange liqueur comparable to Grand Marnier or Cointreau
  • Put all of the components into a large shallow pan. Flip the warmth to excessive. As soon as the combination begins to bubble set a timer for 8 minutes.

  • Cook dinner the jam, stirring virtually continuously for this time. The jam is at set level when it reaches 105 C on a thermometer.

  • The broader the pan the higher as this facilitates fast evaporation and thus faster setting.

  • In the event you wouldn’t have a thermometer, and to check if the jam is prepared, freeze a aspect plate for five minutes. Drop a dollop of jam on the chilly plate. Run your finger by way of the center. if the jam stays aside and doesn’t instantly be a part of again collectively, it’s set sufficient.

  • If you’re eager to protect this jam for an extended interval in your pantry, boil the storage jar in a big pot of water – take away and drain.

  • Scoop the new jam into the jar permitting a 2 cm hole between the jam and the lid and seal.

  • Place the sealed jars again into the boiling water, totally submerged for 10 minutes. You must hear your lid make a popping sound. That is when it’s correctly sealed.

  • Take away the jam bottle from the pot, drain and permit to chill.

To make a sweeter jam, cut back the quantity of fruit to 600 grams or add 3 tablespoons of additional sugar.


Sterilise your jar earlier than filling it with the jam by submerging it into boiling water for a couple of minutes, and working it by way of a sizzling cycle of your dishwasher.


To correctly protect the jam for an extended interval, seal with a canning lid and observe directions to correctly can the jar.



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